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Community Timeline 2023

3 minutes
September 25, 2022

Here is a summary of my community activity, speaking events and contributions. Including events I will be presenting at in the near future.

Feel free to reach out to me if you would like me to speak at a community user group or event. If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please contact me at [email protected]

Year 2023

Date Session Type Topic
24/12/2022 Festive Tech Calender 2022 Blog Deploy-containerised-apps-with-azure-kubernetes-service-azure-cosmos-db
10/03/2023 Azure Spring Clean 2023 Blog/Video Microsoft DevOps Security in Defender for Cloud for Azure DevOps
10/01/2023 AzureishLive Online Introduction to Infrastructure as code
19/04/2023 Welsh Azure User Group Online Introduction to Azure Container Apps
12/05/2023 Global Azure Online Using Infrastructure as Code to Deploy Azure Workload using Terraform and Bicep
14/05/2023 Tech Blog Online Using Azure App Configuration Feature Flags with Dotnet Application
19/05/2023 ComeCloudWithUS Video How to write reusable modules using terraform
22/05/2023 CloudUnplugged Podcast How to get start in Cloud as a career/how to be successful in the cloud
13/06/2023 Yorkshire Azure User Group In-Person Improving Application Workloads by using Azure Chaos Studio
13/07/2023 Journey to Cloud podcast with Gregor Podcast Journey to Cloud podcast with Gregor
30/07/2023 AzureAllStar Podcast Podcast AzureAllStar Podcast
05/08/2023 Scottish Submit In-person “Bicep vs Terraform: Which one is better for your cloud infrastructure?”
23/09/2023 Azure Back to School 2023 Video GitHub Advanced Security and Manage Identity Integration: The Key to Secure Azure DevOps Workflow
18/09/2023 ExpertLiveEurope Blog/Video Getting Started with Kubernetes in Azure
23/09/2013 TechBlog Blog Automating Start/stop AKS cluster using Azure Automation account
24/09/2023 TechBlog Blog Github Advanced Security for Azure DevOps
02/10/2013 Azure Community Enthusiasts User Group Online Organiser for Gregor Suitte - MVP - How to become an Azure Architect and Tim Warner Your Own Private ChatGPT: Azure OpenAI Service Quick Start
16/10/2023 Azure Community Enthusiasts User Group Online Organiser for Dwayne Natwick - 5 Ways to Protect Sensitive Data and PII with Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager, Josh Duffey - Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft - Secure Supply Chain on AKS
30/10/2023 Azure Community Enthusiasts User Group Online Organiser for Wim Matthyssen - MVP - Session - Azure Cloud Sp€nd: It’s all about the money!, Jake Walsh MVP - Session - Exploring the benefits of Azure Virtual WAN
27/11/2023 Azure Community Enthusiasts User Group Online Organiser for Leo Visser Cloud Consultant @ OGD, Spot azure network problems by visualizing it, Matteo Emili Director, Head of Software Engineering @ Avanade UK & Ireland - MVP - Easy feature flags with Azure App Configuration
November Azure Community Enthusiasts User Group Online Organiser for Simon Lee - Static Web Apps and Blogging, Johnny Hooyberghs
11th December 2023 Azure Community Enthusiasts User Group Online Organiser for Saeid Dahl and afterwords we just had a discussion about all things Azure related
December FestiveTechCalender2023 Video How to Build Your Own ChatGPT using Azure OpenAI
January Azure Sweden User Group In Progress How to Automate Application Gateway Certificate in Azure Key vault using ACME Bot